Your benefits

CloudFaces- Higher cash flows

CloudFaces- Attractive profit margins

CloudFaces- Fast delivery (~5 Days)

CloudFaces- Custom features

CloudFaces- Support and maintenance

CloudFaces- Custom design

CloudFaces- Strengthened business relations

Our relationship with a partner

Outsourcing even standard apps can easily cost 20,000€ and requires a lot of time and competence. This keeps millions of SMEs from going mobile and halts their ability to improve service, customer communications and brand loyalty.

Our innovative platform solves this problem and allows SMEs to have their own niche specific app for a small monthly fee.

CloudFaces is dedicated to solve this problem.

  • 1. Mobile-app-development power
  • 2. Intuitive and centralized CM
  • 3. Modules - all of our modules are available to all partners
  • 4. Customization or entirely new modules
  • 5. Support, maintenance and updates
  • 6. Custom design
  • 7. Seamless integration with existing platforms (API based CMS)
  • 8. Access to marketing materials, CMS tutorial and usage statistics
  • 9. Publish automation

Specifically, CloudFaces has successfully provided apps on a large scale in the following sectors:

  • - Gastronomy
  • - Telecommunications

The following sectors are currently under development:

  • - Personal coaching (US market)
  • - Taxi / Cab business
  • - (Retail-) Banking

As CloudFaces is a young company it is reasonable to ask how many of your clients we can serve.

In our most recent partnership with a telecommunications company, we supply at least 2400 apps on a white label basis per year.

During the past X years, we have provided Y apps and websites to our partners.

Our medium term goal is to produce 1000 apps per month. (edited)

Recently developed apps


Digital Agency “Clientric”

With us, Clientric could penetrate the HoReCa business by centralizing their digital service products and thereby streamlining their production process.

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Become as convinced as these partners

I decided to test them with a couple of smaller projects and was astonished by the fast results and by the interest generated among my clients. Two months later I was able to close my biggest client yet on a mobile APP. This wouldn’t have been possible without CloudFaces.

Christoph M.

Vienna, Austria

I have used CloudFaces since it was in beta and must say it has come a long way since. The tool is reaching maturity and the modules are working well. I will continue to use CloudFaces for all APP projects, no worries. The CMS is now clean enough to be usable by my clients themselves. This is a pretty big deal for me and I hope you will continue innovating at the same pace you have done so far.

Ivan G.

Sofia Bulgaria

After trying for long to provide apps for the hardware industry, I found the solution in CloudFaces, which immediately won me new clients. Their tool is feature rich and they constantly develop new modules. It’s super easy to start a new project, delivery is fast and features are unique!

Matteo F.

Milano, Italy

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